I'm a New Zealander. New Zealand is a country to the east of Australia, smaller, greener and without all the animals that want to eat you. I started writing when I was about eight and was lucky enough to have a career in the media, so I've never stopped writing. Between 1999 and 2006 I wrote a novel. It was actually my third but the first two, although completed, were not of publishable standard. They contained every plot I'd ever thought of. This one, 'The Secret Keeper' was different.

In 2011 I sold up and moved two hours south of Auckland to the lovely rural town of Cambridge. On September 11th 2011 I uploaded my novel to Amazon and Smashwords and wonder of wonders, it sold! Then in May 2012 I received an email from HarperCollins USA expressing interest in publishing my novel. A year later, with a new title and a new cover, it was released on an unsuspecting world. It is the story of a precious Guarneri del Gesu violin, looted from a Jewish family in Berlin at the start of World War II and the sting to get it back in the present day.

This was the chance I had been waiting for and I grabbed it with both hands. My second book, also published by HarperCollins, is called 'Blood, Wine and Chocolate.' It's a very different story. I love crime, I read it, I watch it on TV and I've always wanted to write it. This is a story about mob violence, doing the right thing, drinking lots of wine and eating superb chocolate. Along the way bad people are killed in innovative ways.

I didn't realise that there was a sequel to 'The Keeper of Secrets' until I looked at the story of Simon Horowitz's younger sister, Rachel. She had fought with the Resistance and her story deserved to be told. So my third book, 'Rachel's Legacy' was born. Itwas released in March 2016. Meanwhile I have started the third and last book in the Horowitz Trilogy, 'Levi's War'. All things being equal, it will be released in March 2017.

Along the way, my life has changed. I moved from Cambridge another thirty minutes south to an even smaller rural town called Putaruru. It is central North Island dairying country and a nicer group of people you couldn't hope to meet. I love them all. I am the eccentric writer and they have embraced me as their own. I have a gorgeous view out my study window of rolling hills and large trees and cows. I have a highly intelligent and extremely affectionate, if manipulative, black and white cat called Chloe. I have three brothers and lots of nieces and one nephew and some delightful great-nieces and great-nephews. My job is spoiling and listening and making them laugh. I love music of many sorts, musical theatre, opera, 70s and 80s rock and pop and classical. I love well written television and film. I'm a political animal and am fascinated by American politics and most important of all, I am a Christian. My faith in my God and my Lord Jesus Christ gives meaning and purpose and grace and joy to my life. I am deeply involved in the social justice ministry we have at our local Anglican/Methodist Co-operating Parish, working with the disadvantaged children in our town. Their beaming faces and laughing voices make me happy.

I love reading and writing and cooking and baking and swimming and listening to great music and I am living my dream. I hope you enjoy this site, feel free to read about my books and maybe even find some of them to read. If you would like to contact me I would love to hear from you.



Julie Thomas